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Value and Life Lessons

Values and
Life Lessons

Some of the most valuable gifts that we get from our parents and loved ones. But they are fleeting moments in a history of time. How do we preserve them?

Instructions and
Wish Fulfillment

Not a pleasant conversation to have with the children but a necessary one. To minimize and avoid conflict among siblings down the road, have a will prepared by an attorney that is knowledgeable to your State laws where you reside. The attorney and a financial professional can help you with the details.

Personal Possessions of Emotional Value

Personal Possessions
of Emotional Value

We all have something that we cherish from our past. Some of these are heirlooms from our families and carry great meaning. What happens if two or more children have a similar interest in the same item? How do you choose who gets it?

Financial Assets and Real Estate

Financial Assets
and Real Estate

It’s been said that “money is thicker than blood” actually, in many cases, it is not the most important aspect of legacy planning but plays a very large and sometimes emotional role to the planning process. Who gets the House or the family get away where all the reunions were held?