It is with great pleasure I welcome you to Phase Financial, LLC. I have taken 40 years of business and investment experience and have crafted what I think to be a very useful and rewarding company to take care of my clients and business associates. My life’s trials and tribulations truly gave birth to our name, Phase Financial.

Integrating life’s financial phases with one’s living legacy is a constant and ever changing process. I look forward to helping you in those phases and establishing a living legacy for you your family and friends that will continue to live on.

Our planning process not only covers financial assets and real estate but that of values & life’s lessons and personal possessions with instructions and wishes to be fulfilled for the whole family. A true legacy involves a combination of emotional (intangible) and financial (tangible) elements. Knowledge is power. Having you informed and proactive about legacy planning makes exploring your family’s unique situation a resolve of questions rather than an eruption of conflicts during an emotional time later. We have the ability to offer guidance in these areas of discussion and the tools to help generate them.

Our success and yours lies in sharing your dreams with us and together making them a reality. Thank you for visiting with us. I hope we may be of service to you.

God Bless,

Kirk D. Brownfield

Kirk Brownfield

Financial and Legacy Focus
Integrating one’s financial & legacy planning involves combining emotional and financial elements of one persons or couples life. The definition of legacy is inheritance, bequest or something that has come from an ancestor or predecessor of the past. Our hopes are to do that in a living format for our clients if time allows. If not, we want to be there for those that are picking up the pieces and preparing spouses or families for life without their loved ones. For those that take the time and initiative to provide this for their families, it is truly as act of love.

For those that had the time and do nothing, you are leaving everything to chance. Without a plan, your legacy is left for interpretation. Family members and their relationships with each other can be damaged forever due to one’s lack of planning. We all feel differently about our loved ones and what we would want to happen should they pass. Failure to plan is planning to fail. You may be surprised at what wonderful things you uncover when you discuss your legacy. 

We can help with that process.