Marriage, Money, and God

Money is and will continue to be one of the major causes of friction in a marriage. It’s been said and surveyed that couples will fight more about money issues than sex. We live in a world in which we are constantly worried about taking care of ourselves. It is easy to forget that marriage is a commitment to forge a new life with another person. The lack of trust emerging from society has created prenuptial agreements and separate bank accounts. These separate but “together” messages undermine the commitment to a shared life with a spouse and are contrary to biblical teachings.

Whenever financial issues begin to get out of hand in a marriage, the first thing to do is to pray about them. There is no substitute for God’s answer. Second, you might try using a Christian advisor or marriage counselor who is trained to help couples resolve issues diplomatically and thru a budgeted process.


Not yours & mine…but Ours

A husband’s and wife’s incomes in marriage should be merged and shared. Someone should be in charge of keeping a budget for the household, and whatever funds there are should be held mutually. This will require a lot of faith in the Lord, as well as in your spouse. Accounts, indebtedness, spending habits, tithing, children and credit history should all be discussed with each other before one enters marriage. What is your money personality? Are you a spender or a saver? Know what drives you and your spouse when it comes to money and how to manage it.


Don’t forget to ask God what He wants you to do with your money. He made you stewards over your finances for a purpose, so you should always remember to ask what His plans are. Many blessings can come from appropriate money management in marriage. It’s all a gift from God. Use it as a blessing.